Digital Matrix Mixer A-9060DHM2 CU




Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers for a multitude of applications including audio-visual, zone paging, room combining and many more
  • Easy to Configure and Operate
  • Exceptional Audio Quality
    • 24-bit, 48 kHz sampling
    • Ultra-Low Distortion – 0.0008%
    • Minimum Latency – 1.1ms (D-001T input to output)
  • Modular Mixer – up to 8 mic/line inputs and 8 outputs
  • Dual Channel Digital Signal Processor (DSP):
    • 10-Band Parametric EQ
    • High and Low Pass Filters
    • Compressor
    • Loudness Contour
    • Bass and Treble
    • Delay (MIXER mode)
    • 34 TOA Speaker EQ Presets
  • Single or Dual Channel Power Amplifiers 70.7 V, 25 V and low impedance models
  • Flexible Output Power – dual channel models allow 50% of either amplifier channel to be allocated to the other channel (Ex. A-9060DHM2: CH1:90W, CH2:30W)
  • Telephone Zone Paging – access up to eight zones with optional ZP-001T module
  • Flexible, integrated, operating system (Mixer + Paging Matrix)
    • Mixer functions along with simultaneous Priority Paging Matrix activation, each with 32 presets
    • Scene memory (x32) contains all mixer (non-priority) settings
    • Paging memory (x32) contains global (static) input settings, independent Xpoint assignments, paging trigger & paging output levels for all high priority (1, 2 & 3) inputs.
    • Both scene & paging memories are stored in a single template along with remote assignments, security lock and other global functions
    • Mixer & Paging functions are independent and mixer (scene) settings will not affect Paging (event) functions.
  • Rack-mount Kit Included
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Volume Control Attenuators



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9000m2 QuickStartGuide

9000m2 software programing


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